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The total cost of health benefits is expected to rise 5.3% in 20211, with costs surpassing $15,000 per employee2. Productivity lost to employees working while not in their best health (“presenteeism”) costs two to three times as much as direct healthcare expenses3. Most serious illnesses and conditions, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, result from modifiable individual behaviors.

5.3% Rise of total health benefit costS in 2021

>$15,000 Health benefit cost per employee

TOP performing companies are 11 times more LIKELY to offer wellbeing programs4

Wellness matters now more than ever. Healthy, happy individuals are more satisfied, productive, and present in their work and home lives. A company’s positive work culture attracts and retains the best talent. Healthcare costs go down for both the employee and the company when individuals actively strive to improve their wellbeing and reduce the risk of illness.

What if you could provide your employees with personalized health technology that inspires them to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing?

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