Oct 25, 2022

ALYKA Health Launches Innovative Mobile Health Application

Private Healthtech Company to Deliver Digital Health Solutions at Scale

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 25, 2022 — ALYKA Health, a health technology company, announced today the launch of a mobile application that will serve as the digital health assistant for individuals and their families.

ALYKA, available on iOS and Android devices, places the opportunity for better health into consumers’ hands. ALYKA reviews major risk factors for heart disease and integrates with patient health records for curated essential health data. Individuals can create personalized journeys with goals, insights, and encouragement towards improving heart health and well-being.

“ALYKA Health, created by an extraordinary multi-disciplinary team, is for our patients and their families,” said Ali Rahimi, MD, MPH, Founder and CEO of ALYKA Health. “ALYKA incorporates three distinct layers of health data: self-reported, electronic health record (EHR) and device data, for a smarter and personalized experience towards improved cardiovascular health and overall wellness.”

The 21st Century Cures Act allows individuals to access their health data from providers as quickly as possible. EHR portals enable the viewing of static health data. However, the data lacks the necessary context and education to drive improved health outcomes.

Rahimi mentioned, “The 21st Century Cures Act allowed us to design the next generation of digital health that is personalized for true engagement and empowerment. Our goal is to be the smarter and dynamic health app individuals can easily use to achieve improved outcomes.”

ALYKA Health app bridges the gap between doctor visits and serves as the digital health assistant individuals can depend on for optimal health.

“In the current ecosystem of digital health solutions, ALYKA clearly stands out,” said Kevin Swint, President and Chief Operating Officer for CarynHealth. “Making the healthcare experience simple and delightful is equally challenging and rewarding. The launch of ALYKA not only further elevates the value proposition but also supports our platform goals of offering best-in-class digital health solutions to clients nationwide.”

“The traditional care model is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. In this multichannel age, individuals expect efficient and friction-free experiences. ALYKA will help us meet our digital platform goals and advance the industry forward,” continued Swint.

“ALYKA demonstrates that great things are possible when individuals come together to support a common goal — in this case, developing a personalized solution that makes the health experience delightful and rewarding,” continued Rahimi.
ALYKA Health is available exclusively in the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play.

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