One powerful app can improve the health of your employees and increase your company’s bottom-line. We work with businesses that are passionate about helping employees succeed with their health & well-being. Helping individuals to be their best is a win-win situation for everyone. In today’s competitive environment, offer employees a subscription to ALYKA can help you improve workplace health and attract new top talent by offering innovative digital health benefits.


ALYKA gives your people unlimited access to information they need to make better decisions and improve their health.

With ALYKA, individuals gain:

  Secure access to personal health records

  Wellness, Heart, and Health ResilienceTM scores

  Education tailored to health goals and conditions

  Guidance and support to achieve desired outcomes
  Alerts, notifications, and tracking of important

health events


With ALYKA, company leaders can help teams engage with their health and wellness and save on health and medical costs. ALYKA is not a corporate wellness solution. We are partners helping each other succeed using a powerful digital health solution. 

Company leaders receive:

  A dedicated account manager as a point of contact
  Complete project plan details prior to launch
  Implementation checklist and toolkit
  Marketing templates for program promotion

Quarterly reports on engagement and success metrics — de-identified protecting everyone


Benefits brokers can add the ALYKA Health App to their offerings and deliver more value to clients.

With ALYKA Health, you can:

  Deliver population health data to clients

  Report on health trends and uncover key insights
  Drive measurable health outcomes across populations
  Reduce direct and indirect medical costs

  Increase satisfaction with benefits

We’ve Got You


ALYKA stays with you forever no matter where you go. Through thick and thin, we’re by your side.

Boost employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Boost employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Boost employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.