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Teens are wrong in believing that vaping or using electronic cigarettes is healthier than smoking tobacco.

Can’t Sleep? Vaping Isn’t Helping

Looking for less sleep? Smoke and vape away!

Is vaping really cool? Ever since the rise of the e-cigarette, vaping has held allure for some and aversion for others. However, according to the more recent statistics, youth culture has been drawn in by the vaping industry. 

The CDC estimates: “In 2021, 1 of every 100 middle school students (1.3%) and nearly 4 of every 100 high school students (3.8%) reported current use of two or more tobacco products in the past 30 days.”

Notice this interesting fact – Lots of e-cigarette users also use conventional nicotine products.

Those who claim to be interested in e-cigarettes because they “taste good” or because they’re “not bad for you” often end up using regular cigarettes as well.

This issue can make studying the effects of vaping alone very difficult. However, one recent study investigated the dual use of conventional nicotine products and e-cigarettes but made a discovery about vaping along the way.

The research looked at the dual use of e-cigarettes and conventional nicotine and how it affected sleep quality and how long it takes for someone to fall asleep (sleep latency). To measure this, investigators analyzed the responses of 1198 individuals’ responses to an online survey. They were looking for patterns about sleep quality and smoking.

In the end, there were significantly altered sleep patterns in both adult e-cigarette users and those who are dual users. The researchers stated:

“The study… raises concerns since impaired sleep or sleep disturbance has been associated with worse outcomes across disease states. Studies have found that sleep disruption adversely impacts outcomes in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infectious disease.”

In other words, along with all the other health concerns about cigarettes and e-cigarettes, if you are smoking both or just smoking e-cigarettes, smoking will negatively affect your sleep. And sleep? It is one of the major ways your body stays healthy. Affecting sleep is affecting every other area of your health.

Still, we recognize nicotine addiction is real and can be tough to overcome. However, there is hope. We strongly suggest speaking with your doctor about your options for overcoming addiction.

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Dual use of e-cigarettes with conventional tobacco is associated with increased sleep latency in cross-sectional Study 

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