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Tips for Staying Curious

Curiosity Isn’t a Killer

Curiosity Helps Us Feel the Joy, Delight, and Wonder of New Discoveries

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but new research says maybe curiosity didn’t kill that cat! Curiosity might even be associated with healthier well-being! A recent study was published on mood and well-being during the 2020 lockdowns. Investigators wondered, “How does a person’s curiosity affect their well-being?” and “How does what we eat affect our moods or well-being during times of acute stress or loneliness (such as a lockdown)?” What they discovered was fascinating!

The study used data from 172 participants who were in lockdown from November 10 to December 23rd, 2020, and participants took a questionnaire to determine their “trait curiosity.

The study defined curiosity as a person’s desire “to explore unsolved problems, unpredictable challenges, and unfamiliar experiences out of a sense of curiosity about the world.” Participants also filled out well-being questionnaires.

When the researchers ran the numbers, their first exciting finding was that the more curious a person was, the more likely they were to score high in well-being. But curiosity didn’t just affect people’s moods. Researchers also asked participants to keep a food diary. Those who ate high amounts of sugar experienced more anxiety. But this anxiety was even more pronounced for those with low curiosity levels. The more curious a person was, the less effect sugar seemed to have on their mood changes!

Are you looking for ways to boost your mental and physical health? One major takeaway from this research is about SUGAR. It is an enemy of well-being. Consider your sugar intake levels daily. Are they affecting your mood?

Second, keep in mind that curiosity is a wellness booster! What makes you curious? What do you wish you knew more about? What keeps you asking questions or makes you excited to wake up? Follow that motivation and give in to your curious side.



Curiosity for information predicts wellbeing mediated by loneliness during COVID-19 pandemic 

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