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Smoking leads to numerous health problems such as fatigue, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Studies Prove Smoking Raises the Risk of Dementia

Need one more reason to quit smoking? Did you know that many smokers suffer from atrial fibrillation (AF)? People with AF have an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. It can also lead to dementia.

A recent study analyzed a group of people recently diagnosed with AF to see how their smoking status increased their risk of dementia. Dementia is common for those diagnosed with AF, but researchers wondered how smoking impacted this outcome. Would someone with AF, but does not smoke, be more or less likely to end up with dementia? The participants were all around 60 years of age, and they experienced follow-up for about two years.

In that time, a significant portion of participants experienced dementia, and the connection between smoking and dementia was obvious. Many patients who were diagnosed with AF continued to smoke. Some patients quit smoking once they were diagnosed. And then, other patients were “never-smokers” but had been diagnosed with AF.

In the end, the more participants smoked, the more likely they were to experience a form of dementia. Patients who quit smoking after their diagnosis were at a lower risk of suffering from dementia, but their risk was not as low as the “never smoker” group.


Whether you have been diagnosed with AF or not, add atrial fibrillation and dementia to the long, long list of reasons not to smoke. Smoking affects every area of the body! And every day you are not smoking, you become less and less likely to experience the effects of smoking on your health. Even if you have been smoking for years, it’s worth quitting today!

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Risk of Dementia After Smoking Cessation in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation 

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