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How Liberating Personal Health Data Benefits Your Employees

People can easily get detailed histories about their car service and accident history. Or their credit and financial transactions. We can even go online and find records to build our family trees.

So what about our own personal healthcare records?

Healthcare inundates us with big-picture patient and treatment data and trends: How many people have certain ailments, how many are admitted to hospitals and nursing facilities, how long they stay, and what their overall outcomes are. There are complex technologies and systems to manage and process these mountains of health data to improve treatments and reduce patient risks.

But all the big data can overshadow the personal health information most important to individuals and families seeking healthy lifestyles and the best care.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 (best known for protecting privacy of personal health information) set standards for electronic medical records (EMR)—mandating common formats for patient healthcare records shared electronically across all providers. Subsequent laws and rules have clarified and strengthened the directives. The healthcare industry has invested billions of dollars over more than two decades on EMR systems, with software vendors and healthcare providers collaborating to make the systems work together.

Now those systems are delivering on their expectations to make health records more accurate, current, efficient, and available to your doctors wherever you are receiving care. Over time healthcare laws and rules have opened up more access than ever for people to own and have access to this personal health data, but many people remain unaware.

Your company’s health and wellness program provides an opportunity to empower your employees with visibility into their individual health records—the same ones their doctors use. It liberates your employees to be able to see the same information about their past treatments, medications, and test results that their healthcare providers have. In particular, access to and ownership of personal health data helps your employees:


Get educated about their own healthcare, treatment options, medications, and providers

Ask better questions and gain more confidence and trust in their doctors

Share health information with trusted, selected family members who support them in living their healthiest lives and working through medical procedures and treatments for illnesses

As the team at says:

“Easy access to your health records puts you in control of decisions regarding your health and well-being. You can monitor your health conditions better, understand and stay on track with treatment plans, and find and fix errors in your record.”

The ALYKA Heath mission is to improve health and wellbeing for individuals and their families through intelligent health solutions. The ALYKA Health app links directly to EMR systems to give your employees direct, secure access to their personal health records. Individuals control the personal health information that informs their wellness journey, and they can share it securely with loved ones who support their good health and medical care.

Team with ALYKA Health to empower your employees with the most innovative technology and to help them improve their health and well-being.

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