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Studies have shown that mobile apps are a helpful tool for people wanting to break bad habits.

How To Break Up With Bad Habits

Apps Can Be a Helpful Tool For Breaking Bad Habits

Do you use a cell phone every day? Are you or someone you love trying to quit smoking? If so, this new research is for you! It is one thing to understand the dangers of smoking tobacco, but it is another thing entirely to stop an addictive habit. Once you are convinced that smoking is dangerous, it is time to rethink how your daily activities influence your smoking urges and practices.

People often need clear goals and accountability to form new habits and stay on the right track. In the past, smartphone applications built to help users quit smoking have not been successful. But recently, a new smartphone app based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has shown promise in being a helpful tool for people wanting to stop smoking.


The latest research study consisted of 2,415 adult cigarette smokers, 87.2% of whom were still using the application after a year of the study. In comparison to previous types of smoking apps, users were now 1.49 times more likely to quit smoking! 28.2% of the app users were now abstaining from smoking. Others were also forming better habits too. In other words, a huge group of people were consistently using the app for help with habits and a significant portion of that group had already quit smoking.

What was the difference from previous applications built to help change smoking habits? Even though the material delivery method was similar, the emphasis on how to quit smoking changed. The new app uses a method that teaches users to allow smoking urges to pass without smoking. In contrast, the older app (and method) focused on avoiding urges. ACT is also values focused in motivation while previous methods were reason and logic based.



If you or a loved one is trying to quit smoking, don’t discount technology as a helpful tool in your fight to get healthy. Check out iCanQuit and other health apps to support your health journey. Many people are constantly using their cell phones to help manage other daily tasks and habits, why not also use your phone to hold you accountable to a healthier lifestyle?

Are you looking for an all-in-one app to help you stay healthy or are you looking for more health habit related research? Learn about our health app and check out our blog.



Efficacy of Smartphone Applications for Smoking Cessation

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