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Nutritious, versatile, and delicious, avocados have become a kitchen staple in many homes around the world.

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You’re the Avocado to My Toast

U.S. avocado demand has steadily grown over the past two decades. From 2001 to 2018, avocado consumption per person tripled. There are even Websites dedicated completely to novelty gifts for the avocado lover. You can buy avocado-themed pajamas, jewelry, etc. If you’re in the avocado fan club, we’ve got news that will “guac” your world. New research has linked avocado consumption to lower risk of heart disease.

Nutritionists have long praised the avocado for its nutrient-rich makeup, but one recent study suggests avocados may be even healthier than they were previously understood to be. Researchers analyzed data from two different studies that ran for over 30 years. One study was composed of all male participants and the other was all female, totaling in data from 110,000 participants. All were free of cancer, coronary heart disease, and stroke when they entered the study, and every four years, participants completed diet surveys. Over the 30-year period, participants experienced 9,185 coronary heart disease events.

As avocados became more popular during this period, data from both studies showed that people who ate two servings of avocado a week had a 16% lower risk of heart disease. When participants substituted avocado for other foods such as margarine, butter, egg, yogurt, cheese, or processed meats, the risk of heart disease was even lower! In other words, bring on the avocado toast and guacamole. Add avocado to your salad, your sushi, your nachos – avocado is good for your heart!

When discussing the research, one of the lead investigators, Lorena S. Pacheco, commented, “For the most part, we have known that avocados are healthy, but I think this study, because of its numbers and duration, adds a little more substance to that knowledge now.”

Researchers also reminded the public that one single food is not the cure for heart disease, however. No one food can promise “Happily AVO-After.” But still, 2 servings of avocado per week is a step in the right direction for better nutrition.

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Avocado Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in US Adults

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