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Behavior Change Could Prevent Leading Causes of Death in the US.

Preventable Death in the US is Staggering

Behavior Change Could Save Millions of Lives

Have you ever wondered how much choosing a healthy life really matters? It can be tempting to have a “live and let live” attitude towards our personal lifestyles and behaviors. But did you know that a study by the CDC suggests that up to 40% of annual deaths are preventable in each of the 5 leading US causes of death?

Researchers took the five leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, and unintentional injuries – and considered what if all US states had the same death rate as the state with the healthiest group of Americans (lowest morbidity rate in these areas)? How many lives could be saved? Here are the results on premature deaths (death before age 80):

Preventing 34% of deaths from heart diseases would prolong 92,000 lives

Preventing 21% of cancer deaths would prolong about 84,500 lives

Preventing 39% of deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases would prolong about 29,000 lives

Preventing 33% of stroke deaths would prolong about 17,000 lives

Preventing 39% of deaths from unintentional injuries would prolong about 37,000 lives

These statistics are staggering. More than a hundred thousand deaths each year are preventable! And modifiable risk factors are largely responsible for deaths in each category. In other words, many of these deaths could be prevented with changes in personal behavior or habits. The CDC points out that there are, of course, health disparities due to the social, demographic, environmental, economic, and geographic attributes of neighborhoods. But still, understanding one’s health risks can be more than life-changing – It can be life-saving!! Your health does matter!

Now, the better question is does your health matter to you? It’s easy to see how if you do not understand your risks, you might not care so much about making lifestyle changes. At ALYKA, we’re dedicated to helping you understand your risks AND helping you understand how to make lasting changes.


Research suggests certain self-management programs and apps can lead to healthier life habits. Consider adding your name to the ALYKA app waitlist. Your health matters, and we’re ready to be your partner in your important journey.


Up to 40 percent of annual deaths from each of five leading US causes are preventable

Assessment of Hypertension Control Among Adults Participating in a Mobile Technology Blood Pressure Self-management Program

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