What We Do.

ALYKA Health provides an easier path for individuals and their families to live their healthiest lives.
The ALYKA Health and wellness management solution provides a mobile application, health education resources, and automated reminders that provide individuals and their families with:
Easy and timely access to updated personal health information from their own medical records
Guidance and education for managing health and well being
Alerts, notifications, and tracking for health tests and screenings
Fun ways to monitor and track good health habits and progress
Mobile access to personal health data
Automated Reminders
and Scoring

How does it work?

The application provides 24/7 access to capabilities that empower individuals to take charge of their own health, creating a happier, more productive workforce and lowering healthcare costs for companies and individuals:

  • Mobile access to personal health data
  • Tailored education on conditions with suggestions for better health and wellbeing
  • Motivational games and milestones
  • Personal health score
  • Health screening notifications for successful preventative health
  • Lab result alerts
  • Family member support
  • Integration with medical devices such as BP, glucometer, scale
  • Integration with watches and other wearable health devices

How does this benefit employers?

HR leaders benefit by being recognized as champions of workplace wellness and compliance, reducing health risks and benefit premiums, and boosting employee retention, participation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

HR leaders can get employees on board and enthusiastic about wellness with ALYKA Health’s Communication and Marketing Services:

  • Account manager as a point of contact
  • Project plan starting months before launch
  • Implementation success checklist
  • Marketing templates for the employer’s wellness committee to use
  • Quarterly reports on employee engagement and success metrics